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>> a cloudy sky over the
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capitaol as the crowd awaits the arrival of the motorcade carrying the body of senator kennedy. we are now told that the motorcade has left andrews air force base about 10 minutes ago, so it is about a 15-20 minute trip to the capitol. he conceded delegation awaiting the start of a short prayer service that should last about 15 to 20 minutes. they will progress down constitution avenue toward arlington national cemetery for the burial ceremony that will take place later today.
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[crowd murmurs] >> as you can see here on your screen, a live picture from the capital here in washington, d.c., as we await the arrival of the motorcade bearing the body of senator edward kennedy. staffers of the senator and other people are gathered. up to nine -- up to 1000 people are gathered. the motorcade is on its way,
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still minutes away. when the motorcade arrives, we will hear a brief prayer service led by the house chaplain, and then the motorcade will proceed down can -- constitution avenue toward arlington national ceremony across the potomac river. our live coverage continuing on c-span. later this evening, we will bring you portions of the events starting in boston at the jfk library, also the mass held in boston, and of course, the events here in washington, and later in arlington. all of that is still to come tonight hear on c-span -- tonight here on c-span.
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>> go to our website. [crowd murmurs]
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>> yes, chaplain of the house. definitely chaplain of the house.
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[halting sirens]
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>> mrs. kennedy, we gather with you, the family and friends, to express our work solidarity with you get this time. members from both chambers of congress, officers, co-workers, collaborators, especially former and present a serving staff of the senator are gathered here. here we are to briefly prayer with you, -- briefly pray with you come offer our sympathy, and thank you, thank you for
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sharing the senator and so much of his life with us. thank you also for your love, your care throughout the years, especially during that time of illness and these last moments. be assured of our prayers as you move on. let us pray. though in the sight of people, your servant senator ted kennedy suffered greatly and took on enormous tasks, lord, you knew his hopes were unquenchable, full of immortality. you knew his strengths and his limitations. he knew you, lord.
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he knew you could use anyone or anything to accomplish your purpose and brought people closer to one another and to his divine presence. grounded in faith fashioned by family values, it once extended to a world vision, a true contemplative leadership would draw staff and friends who new depths of understanding, embraced with compassion and inspired people around the world to believe with they're all -- with all their hearts that justice will concord violence and the visions and competition can be converted to collaboration. although burdened by the weight of his passing, lord, help his
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co-workers and collaborators raise the torch of his conviction and commitments for a new generation, one yet even to be born, and to all in the nation and the world who are still untouched by the social responsibility inherent in every aspect of human freedom. faithful servants of the people -- faithful servant of the people and longtime spokesman, go now to your place of rest and meet the lord, your god. we thank you, lord, for the short time you have given us to work together, to be together.
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to you, the all honor, glory, and praise. amen. i would like to introduce samuel bonds, choral director of count basie -- duke ellington school of music, sorry, who will lead all of us in singing "america the beautiful." >> ♪ oh beautiful for spacious skies for amber waves of grain
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o'er purple mountains majesty above thy fruited plain america america god shed his grace on thee and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea ♪
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[applause] >> thank you very much for attending. eternal rest be unto him, oh, lord. may perpetual light shine above him. mail the souls of the fatefully departed rest in peace. amen.
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-- may the souls of the faithfully departed rest in peace. amen.
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>> i just want to say on behalf of my brother and sister how proud my father was to serve in the senate and he could not have done it without the people he worked with. he knew he was only great because he had great people supporting him and he knew the value of good staff. that is why he was so successful. i know that all of you, having watched what happened the last three days, have to feel good that you were part of his life. this country has outpoured its soul and heart these last few days it to say what a difference a has made in the light of this country. i think you all today should be feeling like you were part of that, too, because of everything you have done to be part of the
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legacy he wanted for the country. i hope you feel some consolation that the many hard hours you put in to the nitty gritty of legislating and policy-making gives you some sense of satisfaction at having done a really important job for this country. that is the legacy he would want you to feel good about. he would be very proud to see you out here today paying a final respect and tribute to his memory. i think you on behalf of my family for being here. -- i thinank you on behalf of my family for being here. [applause]
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[sirens] >> ♪
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[crowd singing "god bless america"]
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[crowd singing "america the beautiful"] [crowd singing "america the beautiful"]
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[wind whistling] [applause] [cheers and applause]
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>> how is it going, man? >> how about yourself?
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[crowd murmurs] >> see? see? see? [crowd murmurs]
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>> no. that is made for video. [voice over walkie talkie]
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>> maybe they are going slow, though. i don't know. [crowd murmurs] [jet engines]
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[dog barks]
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[unintelligible voice over walkie talkie] >> i think it is his third year. [crowd murmurs]
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[jet engines]
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